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The Origins of the Future
Ronaldo Farias Castiglioni
Ronaldo Farias Castiglioni, is graduated on Industrial and Technological Chemistry, by the Fundação Souza Marques University; on Introduction on Nuclear Energy by the UCP; on Development of Researches on Spatial and Space-Time Distortions; on Development of Researches on Vetonic and Ultra-Vetonic Velocities; on Development of Researches on External Ionisation for Trajectories on Electromagnetic Lines by the SIRJA - Rio de Janeiro Interplanetary Society and others. Graduated on Chromatography on Slight Layer and Paper by the UGF; graduated on Advanced Chromatography in Gas Phase by the INT; and graduated on Instrumental Methods for Chemical Analysis by the INT. He worked, for six years, with Werner Gustav Krauledat - PhD on Chemistry, PhD on Physics and PhD on Medical Sciences, and President of the National Council of Chemistry. In 1985 he started his studies on processes of transesterification in vegetal oils and fat acids, developing his own technology with an enormous differential of velocity of production, generating, then, three patent registers of vanguard technology for biodiesel production, named SBIO (Super Biodiesel).
Such a technology was developed because of his great attention to social and environmental questions, conducting to a huge environmental recovering through the Carbon Sequester and Credit - what means a substantial improvement of the human dignity, because with the velocity of production generated by his new technology, large agricultural areas and workers will be necessary, avoiding the rural exodus.

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