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Josephine Coy

Josephine Coy has been a practicing artist since 1984 and has exhibited both in England, Wales and abroad. She received her Masters in Fine Art from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff. While living in Wales she was elected a member of the '56 Group, the foremost artists group in Wales which was founded in 1956. With the support of the Welsh Arts Council she has spent time in India and the South of France. More recently with the support of the British Council she returned to Brazil to exhibit at the Gallery of the University of Brasilia. From her training as a fine artist her work has encompassed painting, drawing and progressions from these forms to work 'off the wall' which also involved writing as an expressive and constructive form.
In her most recent work her ideas are conveyed through her commitment to lens based media in the form of digital photographs and video dealing with metaphors for transience and liminality.


Mailing Address 64 Upper Cheltenham Place, Montpelier, Bristol. England BS6 5HR

Tel: + 44 117 9550151




Solo Exhibitions since 1996


2000 Art Gallery of the University of Brasilia, Brazil

1998 Art Gallery of the University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil

1998 Art Gallery of the University of Campinas, Brazil

1997 Victoria Art Gallery, Bath. England

1997 Monaghan Museum and Art Gallery, Monaghan. Ireland


Group Exhibitions since 1996


2005 Projections Stroud House Gallery, Stroud

2002 V111 Bienial - Balconadas. Betanzos, Spain

2001 Ten Artists from the permanent collection. State University of Campinas. Brazil

1996 London Group Open, 80'th Anniversary Exhibition

1996 Schoolhouse Gallery, Bath

2006 University of Brighton Gallery, 50 over 50



2000 British Council Support for exhibition in Brazil

1997 European funding for exhibition and residency Monaghan, Ireland


December 2004 - Leonardo Electronic Almanac. Volume 12 issue 12. Featured Showcase Questions of Reality: Media Ghosts

2002 " Transmigrations" in : Transformacao e Realidade: Mundos Convergentes e Divergentes Dulcimira Capesani ( org) Departmeno de Comunicacao e Artes. CampoGrande, MS. 2001 ( mentioned in the review of the book by Eluiza Bortolotto Ghizzi, in the journal Galaxia. Revista transdisciplinar de comunicacao, semiotica, cultura. No4.2002)

Forthcoming: December 2006, University of Sidney, Philament Online Journal, "Transient Zones"

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