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Danny Shechtman

Professor Dan Shechtman, a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences, is a trailblazing scientist who discovered quasi-periodic crystals during the 1980s. Until Professor Shechtman's discovery there was general agreement that the atomic order of crystals had double, triple, quadruple and 6-fold rotational symmetry axes, but not quintuple axes, a periodic crystal cannot have a 5-fold rotational symmetry axes.

Dan Shechtman discovered in 1982 that several aluminum alloys produced a diffraction pattern of 5-fold rotational symmetry. The discovery resulted in a revolution in the understanding of material structure, thus leading to a change in the basic definition of a crystal. This discovery is considered one of the most dramatic in materials science in our time. Since the discovery the science of quasi-periodic crystals has produced hundreds of new materials with this unique structure published in some 7,000 scientific articles and over forty books. Some of these new materials have unique properties, leading to commercial uses.

Professor Shechtman has won many prizes including, in Israel: the Weizmann Science Prize, The Rothschild Engineering Prize, The Wolf Prize, The Israel Prize and the EMET Prize. He also won The International Prize for new materials of the American Physics Society and The Gregory Aminoff 2000 Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Many scientific societies seek his membership. He is an honorary member of The Israel Microscopy Society and the Israel Crystallography Society, an honorary member of the Indian Society of Materials Research, the French Physics Society, and a member of the American National Academy of Engineering. He is also member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and serves as Chair of its Science Division.

The French scientific monthly La Recherche compiled a comprehensive list of the great names in science over the past three centuries, beginning with Isaac Newton, including Albert Einstein and concluding with Dan Shechtman.,

Professor Dan Shechtman is a graduate of Technion's Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.), continuing his graduate studies (M.Sc. and PhD) at Technion's Faculty of Materials Engineering. Today Professor Shechtman is one of the Faculty's most prominent researchers, one of 6 Technion Research Professors in the entire institution.

Professor Shechtman is married to Professor. Zipora Shechtman. They have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.



Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

Distinguished Technion Professor
The Philip Tobias Chair
Department of Materials Engineering
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, 32000 Israel

Marital status - Married+ 4 children

Education: B.Sc. - Technion 1966, Mechanical Engineering.
MSc. - Technion 1968, Materials Engineering.
Ph.D. - Technion 1972, Materials Engineering.

Member, National Academy of Engineering (USA)
Member, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Member, European Academy of Science and Arts.

Academic Appointments:
2004 - present Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Iowa State University.
1998 - present Distinguished Professor of the Technion.
1986 - 1998 Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, Technion, Haifa.
1997 - 2004 Visiting Professor, UMBC, Baltimore, Maryland.
1989 - 1997 Visiting Professor, Physics and Astronomy, The Johns Hopkins
University, Baltimore, Maryland.
1984 - 1986 Associate Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, Haifa,
1981 - 1989 Visiting Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, The Johns
Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.
1977 - 1984 Senior Lecturer, Department of Materials Engineering, Technion,
Haifa, Israel.
1975 - 1977 Lecturer, Department of Materials Engineering, Technion, Haifa,
1972 - 1975 National Research Council, Post Doctoral Research Associate,
Aerospace Research Laboratories, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio.

Significant studies:
1. Microstructure and mechanical properties of titanium aluminides.
2. Microstructure and properties of rapidly solidified metallic alloys.
3. The discovery of the Icosahedral Phase, the first quasi-periodic phase, its
crystallography and some of its properties.
4. Nucleation and growth of CVD diamond films.
5. Development of new magnesium alloys.

Prizes and Awards:
2005 Elected Honorary Member of JIM (Japan Institute of Metals).
2004 Elected Member, European Academy of Sciences and Arts
2002 The EMETH Science Prize
2002 Honorary Doctorate, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
2000 Elected Honorary member of the French Physical Society
2000 The Muriel & David Jacknow Technion Award for Excellence in Teaching
2000 Elected member of the American National Academy of Engineering.
2000 The Aminoff Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
1999 The Wolf Prize in Physics.
1998 Elected Honorary Member of ISIS-Symmetry.
1998 Appointed a Distinguished Professor of the Technion.
1998 The Israel Prize in Physics.
1997 Elected Honorary Member of IMRS (Indian Materials Research Society).
1996 Elected member of the Israel Academy of Sciences.
1993 The Weizmann Science Award.
1990 The Rothschild Prize in Engineering.
1989 The Philip Tobias Chair.
1988 The New England Academic Award of the Technion.
1987 The International Award for New Materials of the American Physical
1986 The Physics Award of the Friedenberg Fund for the Advancement of
Science and Education.

Papers in Refereed Journals: 72
Papers in Published Proceedings: 34
Chapters in Books: 5
Book edited: 1

Professional Activities:
Over 200 invited talks at scientific meetings and universities worldwide.

Member of the following societies:

ASM - American Society for metals
Israel Crystallography Society (Honorary Member).
Israel Society for Microscopy (Honorary Member)
IMS - Israel Metallurgical Society
Israel society of crystal growth
ISIS-Symmetry (Honorary Member)
IMRS - Indian Materials Research Society (Honorary Member)
JIM - Japan Institute of Metals (honorary Member)

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