London. Next October, from 26 to 28, it will be held at the Portuguese medieval village of Trancoso, Northern Portugal, the 2006 Annual Meeting of the European Environmental Tribunal. The European Environmental Tribunal is a non-profit entity based in London, oriented to the promotion of free debates taking the environment as an anthropological question. The Meeting is promoted by the city of Trancoso and by the Foundation for the Arts, Sciences and Technology - Observatory, and it is directed by the architect and composer Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta. With the participation of important personalities from the most diverse countries - like the anthropologist Arjun Appadurai, from India and the United States; the scientist Dan Shechtman, from Israel; the lawyer Durval Noronha, from Brazil; the artist Josephine Coy, from England; or the artist and philosopher Fernando Leal Audirac, from Mexico among others - the Meeting will have a strong transdisciplinary character, crossing fields like chemistry, anthropology, law, art, architecture, urban planning, philosophy and so on. The entrance will be free and there will be simultaneous translation. During the Meeting, it will be launched the latest book by Lester Brown - Plan B 2.0 - in its first translation into Portuguese. Lester Brown will also participate with a lecture alive from Washington DC, through the Internet. The philosopher of art, René Berger, will also participate alive from Lausanne, Switzerland. The Locarno Video Art Festival - the first video art festival of the world - will present some historical video works in homage to his founder Rinaldo Bianda, disappeared a few years ago.

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